Bamboo is a sophisticated bio technology, old from millions of years, it proves to be efficient in all times and for so much uses. It could be very useful in the times to come.

We, Islands, need to implement local biosources of high tech and low carbon construction, energy materiel or agricultural uses :

Think #bamboo and dissemine in every pièce of land, that is to say, every where there is a little piece of agricultural corner or plot of land, along the ravines. Think about 50 m2 per tropical bamboo plant, non invasive #construction quality, type Asper, Strictus, Guadua, …and in ten year, u will have got every year and for the rest of ur life, a whole #production of construction #biomaterial for agriculture, #Energie and #sustainable #construction.

You’ll also dispose of a very delicious and healthy bamboo shots production, as well as bamboo mushrooms, well know for their tastes and high mineral and protein content.

Specific #permaculture, logistic and economic #strategy to be designed at the scale of each #island. Solar and bamboo design is our main and favorite skill.
Contact us to work on it. La Réunion Island 🐼🇷🇪

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