At Bamboo Deck&Pergolas, we decided to work and exploit the diversity offered by the bamboo, this plant with remarkable properties. Our customers and partners can experience real freedom to achieve their realizations with our guidance. We work with various types of bamboo playing on different ranges of colors and textures. We also offer several diameters and levels of finishes, to discover below.



Like every living being on this Earth, bamboo obeys to a certain cycle of life. It is our philosophy to respect it. So it can only be harvested at a particular time of the year and under a specific moon. To maintain a steady flow of supply for our customers, we choose to work with several suppliers, based in China & La Réunion, two lands with reversed cutting seasons.



The “giant bamboo”, present in La Réunion, at La Bambusaie du Guillaume, is one of the largest. It has rods up to 12 meters high. They are straight and the diameters vary between 8 and 20 cm. This specimen is ideal in building structures because very rigid.



This bamboo type is grown in La Réunion, at La Bambusaie du Guillaume. It is also part of the giant bamboo family. The plant has finer and lower canes than Dendrocalamus Asper, but equally strong. The diameters vary between 6 and 10 cm.



Native from Asia, arrived in Europe around 1870 and introduced in 1990 in the island of La Réunion at La Bambusaie du Guillaume, it is an excellent bamboo, flexible and resistant. Generally planted in an isolated tuft or hedge, golden canes are also often used for siding.



Huaiji bamboo, near Guangzhou, in China, belongs to the Arundinaria family. It is of high quality. The canes are chosen by our supplier, before they are cut on the hill and thoroughly cleaned, dried, then passed through a fumigation process that makes them rigid and flexible. They are very resistant to worms and molds. It is the ideal material to build structures and create decorations.






Several diameters of bamboo are used to ensure diversity when carrying out your projects. Whatever the type of bamboo used, we work with 3 standard diameters, indicated below:


∅ 14/12 cm                                       ∅ 10/08 cm                                         ∅04/03 cm





Check out our different realizations, studied and made by hand by our Bamboo Team!



Bamboo, I Love You.