“Urban smog, break the dome !”        “城市的雾霾 破碎了穹顶 !”

Through this journey from airports to airports in China, we explore in detail the main Chinese mega-cities, Shanghai and Guangzhou, and other places… nowhere have we seen photovoltaic solar systems in these huge and endless urban forms, but everywhere we felt the enormous integration potential for these clean and mature technologies….

Solar aiport, PV designed by Bambooneem.re

通过从一个机场到另一个机场的这段考察旅程中,我们探讨了中国两大主要特大城市 – 上海和广州以及另一个地方……我们没有看到任何太阳能光伏系统在这些巨大而无限的城市中的使用,但是所经之处,我们到处都感受到植入这种清洁和成熟技术的新能源的潜力…

The program 100 Chinese megacities of solar 2030 offers a political strategy, a process of solar urban planning and regulatory, financial investment-operating tools for the deployment by 2030 of a power of 400 Gigawatts peak photovoltaic deployed on the 100 largest megacities in China. 400 million inhabitants concerned, 1kWp of power, or around 6m² of photovoltaic panel per inhabitant.
A simple and effective way to reduce urban pollution to zero and support the world’s major megacities in the ecological transition and adaptation to climate change. A draft France – Reunion – China 2018 – 2030 cooperation program, the short-term operational antidote to urban fog, a project to adapt to climate change in major Chinese cities.

“2030年中国实现100个太阳能特大城市”这个计划提出了一项政治战略,太阳能城市建设规划流程以及2030年前部署的四千亿瓦光伏的监管,金融投资。中国100个大型城市,涉及4亿人口, 人均可以使用6平方米的光伏面板也就是1kwc。这是一个可以消除城市污染, 支持地球大城市生态过渡和适应气候变化的简单而有效的方法。法国 – 留尼汪 – 中国2018 – 2030合作方案草案,针对城市雾霾的短期运营解毒剂,适应中国主要城市气候变化。

A sunny day in Guangzhou, october 2017

We are all Neighboors of the sun !