Our fields of predilection, work and references are urbanism, planning, construction, programmatic and urban design, sifting through issues of ergonomics of space and comfort, of services and smart city, circular economy and Biodiversity, urban and building engineering, real estate management, energy management and renewable energy … Urban Solar Design

With our clients&partners, we develop strategic and programmatic engineering in Global Design for solar cities or neighborhoods, maritime, rural, forest and agricultural ecosystems, urban parks, intelligent complex buildings, from home to skyscrapers, land vehicles to boats and solar E-Mobility.

We are looking for pragmatic and concerted responses with project owners, operators, users, for living spaces that are more ergonomic, more pleasant, more resilient, less polluting, creating positive economic, cultural, environmental and social impacts, and the benevolent bond between humans and with the planet.

Whenever it is economically possible, we rely on clean technologies and biosourced sectors, their mode of implementation and exploitation, particularly in terms of energy, water, waste and materials, in the technological and biological sectors, inspired by human and urban permaculture, and the circular economy.




We are all neighbors of the Sun.