A strategic vision for the energy transition of the 29 million inhabitants of the IOC islands, Seychelles, Comoros, Reunion, Mauritius, Madagascar?

Or how to go in the coming years, from €3.8 billion of annual expenditure of primary energy supplies for and by the IOC islands – of which approximately 90% in the direction of fossil energies – to 100% of annual expenditure in energy efficiency and renewable energy? A definite challenge to secure the energy supply to the populations of our islands and adapt to climate change. What can be the project and its strategy for this energy transition?

Prioritize certain key sectors, technologically mature, economically profitable and competitive, with high immediate potentials:

  • Building and mobility energy efficiency, storage and smartgrid, digital transaction for all infrastructures and constructions
  • Solar water heaters and photovoltaic solar energy in massive and equitable integration in rural and urban areas (roofs, parking lots, roads, etc.) for building and electric mobility, circular and digital economy approach
  • Amplified biomass and agro-forestry for energy crops, for land resilience and for food security
  • Integration into the territories and the economy of the energy sectors, through the use of regional planning, incentive town planning and sustainable construction, crossing with other economic sectors, agrifood, water, waste, materials , etc…

These targets appear suitable for effectively amplifying the development of the energy transition 2030. They are compatible with our know-how, geography and the physical and socioeconomic potentials of our islands.

The other technologies, far from being excluded, such as wind turbines or marine energies, etc., must be the subject of observation, initiatives and bilateral or specific cooperation.

We are all neighbors of the Sun.