Urban Solar Design was born from an evidence. Humans and the planet are evolving in many parts of the world, quickly and deeply. The strong demographic growth, pollution of mega-cities, agricultures and oceans, the exposure to the new climatic phenomena weaken our cities and our campaigns. How will they be able to guarantee the future life of populations and biodiversity?

Pollution, climate change and the very strong population growth of our 21st century are a global reality that is driving the rapid evolution of our ecosystems, infrastructure and human superstructures. Our history & vision share the political and economic awareness, which is world wide. Little by little, many countries have launched important operations to adapt to this new global situation.

The arrival of citizens and new connected actors, the emergence of digital enterprises and the new modes of economic and cultural exchanges, the rapid transformation of travel in E- mobility, the still too slow but real migration towards clean energies, the return to a search for a more natural and human environment …

All these developments amplify these profound changes and are also elements of answers and references to be explored and put into practice.

We feel the strong drive therefore to evolve on a daily basis in our professions and practice of planners and builders to support the new needs of our customers & partners. We have the will, the skills and an able team to help them conduct programmatic and space design work on urban, coastal and rural systems, to adapt our spaces to live in a 21st century in profound mutation, amps of very beautiful global and local challenges.




We are all neighbors of the Sun.