Bamboo Deck&Pergolas was simply born from the deep love we have for this fascinating giant grass: the bamboo.

Throughout these decades of professional practice in urban planning, planning, construction and energy, the manager, Christophe RAT, has often crossed the bamboo, as each of us. The question often came back to use it in La Réunion for various purposes, and to develop it. Various craftsmen, designers and architects use it here and have demonstrated its potential with great realizations.

However, a green bamboo cut is not quite the case. Like wood, many stages – evacuation of cutting sites, transportation, storage, cleaning and drying, treatments and finishes – are needed to obtain sustainable bamboo ready for use in construction, design, furnitures and objects.

Bambooneem.Re decided in 2017 to launch a brand and a service of design of bamboo spaces, and realization of interior and exterior universes, using our selected bamboos, remarkable renewable resource, champion of the Neutral Carbon Performance Index.



Bamboo, I Love You.