Native from Asia, this plant with thousand properties is the heart of our business. This giant herb has great qualities of environmental adaptation, therefore, it can be found everywhere on the planet, mainly into the intertropical belt. Today there are more than 1,200 different bamboo species. This diversity, combined with its flexibility, strength and ecological potential make it one of the most interesting materials, whether commercially or ecologically.

More than 1,500 uses of bamboo are currently listed, from furniture to textiles, food and construction. Its biggest advantage is its growth, the fastest in the world. Indeed, some bamboos can grow one meter per day (Phyllostachys edulis in Japan)!

Also called “green gold”, bamboo is an air purifier, a bulwark against erosion, and an inexhaustible source of energy and materials, natural and non-polluting. Faced with the constraints and needs of the forest industry, bamboo becomes a real alternative 100% renewable, and much more profitable than other woods conventionally used. It is for all these reasons, and for our love of the planet that we decided to highlight this magical herb here on La Réunion.

Below, this foot of DENDROCALAMUS ASPER, which has at least thirty years, is located on a private property in the north of the island at 150 meters above sea level. This type of bamboo is very popular for construction because it is among the most robust on the planet. Also, its shoots are also very appreciated for its excellent nutritional qualities. It is besides all the famous Green School, in Bali, which was entirely built with this bamboo.



Here in La Réunion, we also frequently meet another type of bamboo, very common everywhere in the gullies and on the edges of roads until about 1300 – 1400 meters of altitude; the VULGARIS BAMBUSA. More than a hundred varieties of bamboo are present in La Réunion, mainly in the Bambusaie du Guillaume, in private properties and sometimes lost in the wild. This local genetic wealth guarantees you an equally wide variety of applications for your personal projects.


Bamboo, I Love You.

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